Baked Brownie Bake-off!!! now even more special

This Thursday, mere days away, we are hosting a BROWNIE BAKE-OFF with the boys from Baked in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Thursday, November 11
6:30 -9 PM
100 Frost St, entrance on Meeker GMAP

Details, guidelines and AMAZING NEWS down below….

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New Classes Announced for May (Pig, Lamb, Kombucha & More)

Continuing our “Meat on Tuesday” series, Butcher Tom Mylan (Marlow and sons/Diner/Bonita) will return on Tuesday, May 6th to take us through how to cut up a WHOLE lamb (technically it’s actually an older Sheep, but lamb sounds so much nicer), while explaining where common and some uncommon cuts come from on the animal. We will be using a farm-raised “lamb” from Fleisher’s meats in Kingston, NY, and each attendee will receive a portion (approx 6-8lbs) of mutton to take home. As with all of our meat demonstrations, it is not hands on, but there will be ample time for questions.  The demo starts at 6:30pm, and costs $100.  There are only 12 slots, so sign up now before they’re all gone!

Speaking of all gone, Tom is coming back a week later for another of the Half Pig Butchering demos.  That one is on May 20th at 6:30 pm and the cost is $75.  The previous 5 classes all sold out, so if you missed out, here’s your chance!  Check out the pics here… and then sign up here!

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