Did you know we do private classes at the Brooklyn Kitchen? That’s right. Just get 5-8 friends, and an idea of what you want to learn, and we’ll make it happen.

This one was a great group who grew up together in the ‘hood, and call themselves the Monday Night Girls. They wanted a pie class, so Harry taught them how to make a quick and delicious apple pie. No more store bought crust for this group.

Apples are one of the few staples available at the farmer’s market year round. They store them in nitrogen so they don’t rot, which is how we can have fresh apples (from local producers) in the middle of winter, or in the spring and early summer before the trees bear their fruit for the year (in the fall in our part of the world). They had some great looking Crispins which aren’t usually known for baking but they turned out great. See this earlier post about pie classes for our recipes, since this was the same butter crust that I usually use.

When the pie was done the apples still had a nice crunch, and were nice and sweet, I think I used about half the sugar I would normally. I brushed this one with milk and it came out looking and tasting excellent!