We have received an enormous shipment of jelly jars… all sizes from 4 oz to half gallon! Check out one of our favorite pickling recipes, after the jump…

Dill Pickles

From: The Greater American Cookbook (formerly The United States Regional Cookbook) pub 1942. Edited by Rut Berolzheimer

10 Qts Water
2 Cups Salt
1 Quart Vinegar
4 T pepper
1 1/2 pecks cucumbers
5 stalks of dill

Make a solution of the first 4 ingredients and bring to a boil. Fill crock with cucumbers, placing dill between layers of cucumbers. Add hot solution. A slice of onion or garlic may be added to the boiling liquid, if desired. Cover crock and let stand several days before using. If preferred cucumbers may be preserved in jars rather than in a crock. Makes about 3 gallons.

Get ready, it’s almost time to put up some fresh veggies!