What we ate for lunch

Buckwheat Challah

Buckwheat Challah

I got up in the rain this morning, and rather than go to the gym I made bread.

I ran out of AP Flour in the process and substituted in 1 cup of Buckwheat flour I had on hand.

Turned out quite good.

the master recipe is here.


Today I made veggie soup for lunch and Lila brought in some awesome rye bread.

Throw it in Veggie Soup

Throw it in Veggie Soup


here are some photos of past lunches at the brooklyn kitchen. So far I think it’s never been more than $6 per person.

Sarahs Pancakes

Sarah's Pancakes

Surlys better than momofuku pork buns

Surly's "better than momofuku" pork buns

Here’s the recipe for the Pork Buns.

Als Sheperdess Pie

Al's Sheperdess Pie

Here at the brooklyn kitchen we have lunch. everyday. I’m sure most (if not all) of you also have lunch at work everyday.

We’ve started a new plan where one member of our staff makes lunch each day for the rest of the staff. Everybody chips in to cover the cost. It keeps our budgets lower, and helps make sure we get to test a lot of the products we sell right here in the store everyday.

Today we had Mushroom Onion Quiche, $3 each.

Quiche a la David

Quiche a la David