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Just in! We’ve got all inclusive kombucha brewing kits from Kombucha Brooklyn. Kombuchman, who teaches our popular Kombucha class, has put together these kits with everything you need to get started making your own kombucha.


Each kit includes:

a skoby, of course!
a one gallon jar with a plastic lid
4 organic tea bags
1 cup of organic sugar
a bit of clean cotton cloth for covering the jar
complete instructions and contact information for Kombuchman in case you have any questions!

seriously, folks, it’s pretty rad.

$25, currently available only in the store.

And watch out for bottled Kombucha Brooklyn, coming to select grocery stores in June!

From a Met Life Pamphlet ca. 1946

From a Met Life Pamphlet ca. 1946

I know it’s hard to think about the bounty of the summer when it’s slushy and cold, but it’s time to sign up for CSAs if that’s your thing.

Community Supported Agriculture is a great way to get fresh vegetables (and eggs, cheese, and meat in some places) straight from the source.

We’re members of the East Williamsburg CSA which picks up on Skillman Ave, at the red-shed community garden. Ben and Miriam our farmers, run a farm called Hearty Roots.

In our ‘hood there’s also the Greenpoint-Williamsburg CSA.

If you want to find a CSA in your neighborhood check out Just Food.

I have been a CSA member in one place or another for 12 years. It is always great to get the freshest produce, direct from the source. Sometimes it can be hard not knowing exactly what you’re going to get, but I think over time this has really helped shape the way I cook. I look to recipes for inspiration, but rarely do I cook by the word. I try to use whatever is fresh or can what I can’t use to open later (like the pickled turnips and carrots that I’m going to open tonight)

This year we’re hoping to plan a couple of CSA canning parties where we get together all the members who are interested and we all put our cabbage together and make a big batch of saurkraut, and then can it all to save for the dark days.

Any other ideas on what we can pool together and can?

We’re very lucky here in NY to have access to so many great farmers and suppliers, these are some of our friends.

Hearty Roots Farm, in Tivoli, NY grows some of the greatest vegetables in the Northeast.

And they deliver them to us via our CSA every Saturday. It always makes me worried when I know the harvest season is ending and I have to think about actually going to the market to get veggies.

Next door to Hearty Roots is Awesome Farm. They raise protein. This year they raised Chickens, Lamb, and turkeys. Next year they are adding Goose! Their chickens were available through the CSA and lived up to the name. I even got to help with a slaughter.

Awesome and Hearty Roots were in the NY Times recently.

Consider Bardwell Farm from Pawlet, VT makes great cheese and sells at the Greenmarket @ McCarren park in Greenpoint every saturday. We love the Mettowee, get it soon since the season for it is almost over.

Fleisher’s Grass-fed and Organic meats in Kingston, NY supplies our butchering classes, and is now delivering to NYC. If you want to get some of their great quality meat check it out.

Last night I drove to Tivoli NY to visit Awesome Farm. They supply the chicken share that we get through our CSA with Hearty Roots.


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Ted Allen was asked by the Knoxville News to recommend one place to see if they visited Brooklyn, and here was his response:

“One really cool place is a great independently owned culinary store called the Brooklyn Kitchen. It’s owned by a young couple whose cooking classes have become very popular with the neighborhood.”

We’re young? Sweet! Thanks Ted!

The May issue of “Edible Boooklyn” is out, and we recognized friends (and customers) in almost every single article!  There was Deann Horack, and her business Brooklyn Cookie, featured on page 18, Sweet Deliverence- run by Kelly Geary is on page 20,  fellow Greenpoint resident Christopher Nicolson writes about his summers spent fishing in Alaska on page 39, and finally, Knife maker Joel Buckwitz and his company Cut Brooklyn (whose knives we sell in the store) pops up on page 52 (with a quote from out very own Taylor Erikinnen!)  Plus two of our favorite bars (The Huckleberry Bar & the Hotel Delmano) get their write up on page 44.

Pick up the May issue of Edible Brooklyn now, for free in the store…

The first episode of Feed Me, the new Brooklyn Cooking/Dating Show, is online and it features good friend and Brooklyn Kitchen neighbor Lisa!  At the beginning of the episode you’ll hear her give us the “credit” for getting her on the show.  Hopefully after the date it won’t go from credit to blame!

Check it out…

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