Ice Cream Social CANCELLED

I’m down at the Jersey Shore, watching rockstars make Guinness swirl ice cream, blogging from a reclining white pleather dining chair. It’s summer, it’s almost over, and I haven’t eaten enough good ice cream.

Next weekend, Labor Day Weekend, those of us stuck in town will get to taste, lick and compete in our first ever Ice Cream Cookoff at the Brooklyn Kitchen. Sunday, September 5, 3PM.

This week has taken a turn for the bizarre, and we will not be holding a cookoff. It’s an awesome idea, and will happen soon, but not this weekend, SORRY!

As quickly as we are growing, we are still a single-location, family run business. This event was poorly planned by me, and poorly executed. I was unable to get sponsorship (we were hoping for a Cuisinart compressor ice cream maker) and judges (the Van Leeuwens and the Big Gays are all going to be on Governor’s Island tomorrow).

I apologize for getting your hopes up, if you have ice cream and want to share it, please come at 3, but you will receive only smiles as prizes.



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