i’ve always had a thing for camping gear.  it’s kind of bizarre because i’ve never been camping and the idea of camping doesn’t really appeal to me at all. sure i wanted to go to sleepaway camp when i was a kid, but i wanted to go to boarding school too.  that was about living away from my family, not about dirt and bugs and bears and fresh air. don’t get me wrong, i love nature (including bugs and bears), but i also love for it to be at least a tad removed from me. i get a little antsy just going out to the suburbs to see my parents.  i saw a possum there once!

but back to the camping gear.  for a while now i’ve been bogarting a particular vintage mug we’ve got here at The Brooklyn Kitchen.  it appeals to the false nostalgia i feel for  my fictional hobo days: riding the rails. sleeping under the stars. working the land. my trusty tin cup tied to my pack with a bit of dumpstered twine.  whenever the mood hits i can scoop water right from a stream and boil my cowboy coffee right there in my cup.

and I’m not the only one who feels the pull of the Hobo Cup.  everytime someone sees me sipping my far-from-cowboy machine made coffee out of it, they comment. “my aunt had those at her cabin!” or “those are just like my grandma’s!” and then they want to know if we carry them here at the store.

and now we do!

and not only do we have the cups, we’ve got bowls, plates, spoon rests, salt and pepper shakers and colanders.  and we’ve got them in blue!

see the whole collection here!