Rotor Salad Spinner/Dryer

I got this neat old contraption from one of our best Vintage suppliers. He found it at a flea market in Connecticut.

Rotor spinner

It says “Rotor” on the outside pressed into the galvenized steel. The interior basket is tinned wire.

The coolest part is the drive mechanism which works by way of a ribbon wrapped around the driveshaft. You pull it out to start the spin and then when it reaches the end of the ribbon the basket changes direction and re-wraps the ribbon on the shaft so you can spin again!

I can’t find any patent info on this. Please send along any info you have on this cool old tool.

Spinner mecahnism
Spinner basket

12 thoughts on “Rotor Salad Spinner/Dryer

  1. wonder what they really spun in here…not salad, that would have been done in a dishcloth..something heavier..

  2. I have a plastic version by Stockli Netstal called the Rotor. I am looking to replace it. I have reattached the pulling ribbon once, but it needs more work again.

    1. I received a plastic one 40 years ago as a wedding gift from a dear friend of my mother’s. That whole generation has gone now but I think of them whenever I dry lettuce. My advise to you is to fix it! Mine has finally quit this Thanksgiving. I’ll miss that faithful kitchen friend.

  3. I’m in the same boat. A good lettuce spinner but the fabric ribbon has ripped three times and I’ve shortened it; now it just happened again and there is not sufficient length left. So, how the heck does one remove the central round plastic gear-like thing that the ribbon goes around in order to install a new ribbon. I see no way to unfasten and remove it. Any ideas?
    It is “Stockli Netstal #48221

  4. I have one of these that sees daily service in my kitchen. You can dry anything in it just about, but it is the best for making french fries. Soak the spuds in cold water and rinse three times then spinning each time for about thirty seconds.
    Amazing fries.

  5. Where would one go to find new ribbon after one learns how to remove the old one? I bought mine in Mill Valley, California about 28 years ago and it is working fine, but the ribbon is wearing, but still strong. Don’t want to be without this spinner, it beats the new ones. It is awesome!

  6. Ditto all the above messages about what has been an awesome lettuce spinner…anything spinner actually. I, too, wish I could find a way to replace it rather than go into the current foo-foo spinners! Anyone find a way yet?Thanks. Alicia

  7. I received my Rotor salad spinner as a wedding present in 1972 and it just broke last evening. If anyone knows how to replace, please advise. there is nothing like this spinner.

  8. Fast forward to August 2016.
    I have the same Rotor, white plastic spinner. It is the most simple device and
    it never fails. You just pull on the strap and spin it as you wish. Yes, the strap has been shortened once or twice but it still works like a champ. For those looking for strapping or cord, try thin webbing from REI.
    I am looking to get another another one for our second home!

  9. Martin, I have the same one, red exterior with white plastic spinner. We’re moving from house to retirement apartment with small kitchen. Would you like to buy my used one? Ribbon has never needed repair. Am in southeast Florida. Email me at and put “Salad Spinner” in subject line so I don’t delete it as unknown/junk.

  10. I know I’m really late to the party, but I just purchased a steel salad spinner by Rotor. It’s all white, with a galvanized wire basket, both components in excellent condition. The pull string is intact.
    I’d never seen one like it. Your post from years ago is all I can find on this type of item.

  11. The Swiss firm Stockli Netstal made a plastic version – including the basket – that has “Rotor” on the handle in the 1970’s. I have one and wouldn’t part with it for anything. I replaced the pull on the end of the ribbon but otherwise it’s in tip-top shape and used constantly.

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