Conservation isn’t new, we just forgot.


I recently picked up a few of these 1940’s government pamphlets about the fishing industry while searching for vintage goods.

This one has the more interesting cover, the other three (for other geographic areas of the US, were blue cover with white writing)

They’re basically an informative pamphlet, in true exhaustive government fashion, about the fisheries as they existed in 1943.

A quick look at the index on the first page will give you an idea:


But then the real kicker. Read the paragraph that appears in the FIRST PAGE! So much for conservation of the oceans being a “new” idea. I know that fishermen have been trying for years to both reap the benefits and conserve the resources, but the thing that I find most interesting is that this was published by the government. I guess once the war (WWII) ended and we needed more food to feed the expanding suburbs conservation was put on the back burner along with fuel efficiency, and any regard for the environment.

yup. thats conservation
yup. that's conservation

Well I guess we can all learn something from our pre- post-war, and pre refrigerated shipping ideas. Better to eat a greater variety and closer to home. hmm not a bad idea.


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