Meat Tenderizing Hatchet

This is an old (1940’s or 1950’s) Meat Tenderizer. Probably came in a set of the ubiquitous “Ecko” or “L&H” tool sets. We’ll have to give it a try against a heavier one sometime for pounding out pork or beef.

The Meat Hatchet
The Meat Hatchet

It’s hard to see in the picture but it has two blades. Hard to know what the hatchet side is really useful for…


3 thoughts on “Meat Tenderizing Hatchet

  1. I’ve heard this item called a “Salvage Mallet”… used mainly by large-scale butchers to render tough meats fit for human mastication.

    When tenderizing a tough cut of meat, the handle is held further back ~ as one would grasp a hatchet or hammer ~ to enhance the swinging motion.

    Though with the appearance of a hatchet, the twin cutting edges are actually knives… and when using the cutting side of the mallet, the handle is grasped up-close to the blades, and instead of “chopping”, the knife is “sliced” through the cut of meat to make “strips”.

    For chunks of “stew meat”, the strips are then turned and “cut” once more ~ as “chopping” tends to clog-up the blades.

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