Cupcake Cookoff Door Prize! and FAQs for Entrants

Harold Imports, Distributor of the Cup-A-Cake Cupcake holder, has donated 12 Cup-A-Cakes for us to give away. I think they will be door prizes for entrants!

Thanks, Harold!
Thanks, Harold!

For interested Cupcake Bakers, we have the answers to all of your Frequently Asked Questions. You can sign up by emailing!

Cupcake Cook-off? Wha?

Exactly. We are hosting the Third Annual Cupcake Cook-off at Union Pool, 484 Union Avenue, Monday May 11 from 7-9 PM. The cupcakes will be judged by our panel of cupcake judges, and winners will be announced.

Do I bake on-site?

No. All cupcakes must arrive baked, frosted, staged and assembled.

How many cupcakes?

Truly a question for the ages. We recommend that you bring as many cupcakes as you can possibly carry. We will require 6 cupcakes for judging, and the rest you will distribute to the ravenous crowd to win favor in the Popular Vote.

All one kind?

Totally up to you, might increase your chance of winning judged categories, but could dilute your showing for the popular vote. Or could sway people to buy votes for you. Not sure. But yes, you may enter more than one kind of cupcake.

Popular Vote?

We will be awarding the big prize (whoa!!!) to the winner of the Popular Vote poll. This year, we are doing things a little differently, so if you are in it to win it, you can do so pretty easily, if not cheaply.

And other Prizes?

We will be dividing the cupcakes into two categories, and awarding two prizes in each: Plain and Simple vs. Exotic, and Decoration vs. Flavor. Ergo, there will be four primary prizes: Plain and Simple Decoration, Exotic Decoration, Plain and Simple Flavor, and Exotic Flavor.

But like, what are the prizes?

We are still reeling them in, and will update as they appear, but so far we have:
Cupcake Couriers!
Nordicware Gift Cakelet Pan!

and more TK!


9 thoughts on “Cupcake Cookoff Door Prize! and FAQs for Entrants

  1. I am visiting New York and am the Cupcake Queen of Milwaukee. I would love to be able to participate. Can I still enter?


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