The rules stand largely the same for the Third Annual Cupcake Cook-off, as far as cupcake divisions goes.

We will be dividing the cupcakes into two categories, and awarding two prizes in each: Plain and Simple vs. Exotic, and Decoration vs. Flavor. Ergo, there will be four primary prizes: Plain and Simple Decoration, Exotic Decoration, Plain and Simple Flavor, and Exotic Flavor.

The big difference is the popular vote: we are selling out! I have given up on attempting any appearance of fairness. This will be a fundraiser for the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen, and to raise money we will be selling votes. The attendees can vote as early and as often as they’d like, they just have to pony up the bucks. Entrants can buy votes and vote for themselves because the popular vote category is ENTIRELY up for sale. We will still be awarding prizes to the judges’ picks, but the big one is all about the benjamins.

Freeloaders are welcome to come and eat cupcakes and not buy votes or give anything to the Soup Kitchen, if that’s how you roll. That’s fine. Whatever.