The Auction is OVER! We raised $1800!!!

Thanks to everyone who bid on the auction for the last pig butchering class.

Congrats to the lucky folks who won the auction.

With your help we raised $1500 through the auction (and another $300 at the Village Voice Choice Eats event) for a grand total of $1800!!!

This will be split:

$900 for the Greenpoint Interfaith Food Team


$900 for the Just Food City Chicken Program

We’re so glad to be able to provide support for these worthwhile causes.

Thanks again!


One thought on “The Auction is OVER! We raised $1800!!!

  1. Thank you! Just Food is thrilled and so grateful to the Brooklyn Kitchen and all the generous bidders out there. This is a huge boost for our City Chicken Program – and there will be many more happy hens clucking out there in NYC gardens this summer thanks to your support. For more about our City Chicken program – please visit us at

    Again, thank you so much for your generous support!

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