We’re partnering with Awesome Farm in Tivoli, NY to bring the best Chicken, Lamb, and maybe Beef straight to customers.

Awesome Farm is a pasture-based farm in Tivoli, New York. They raise free-range laying hens, grass-fed lambs, and pastured chicken. All of their animals are raised on pasture, and are fed only certified organic feed.

“Our mission is to provide high quality, nutritious food while being caring stewards of our animals, and tending to the health of the land and our community.” -from the Awesome Farm website.

We will be the Brooklyn pick up point for Chickens ordered through Awesome Farm on 5 saturdays in 2009:

• Saturday, June 20 •
• Saturday, July 18 •
• Saturday, August 15 •
• Saturday, September 12 •
• Saturday, October 10 •

We will also be the pick up point for whole, and half lambs ordered through Awesome Farm. Split one with your friends, it’s worth it.

Getting your meat straight from the source is a great way to ensure the highest quality and buying direct also makes sure that the farmers are able to run sustainable agriculture.

These chickens are the best we’ve found. Check out some ideas on how to use the whole bird.