I’ve been thinking about Vinegar. To me it’s another interesting fermenting foodstuff but I never had access to a “Mother” to get a batch going, and have a lot of other projects (Pickles, cider, canning) to keep me busy.

You can get one going by buying the bacteria and then adding wine, if you find one in your vingear bottle you can get started that way:

Looks like a Kombucha Mother

Looks like a Kombucha Mother

The main difference between Kombucha and Vinegar mothers is that the vinegar contains no yeast.

I went to put some of this white wine vinegar on a salad today and found this mother in the bottle.

I’m going to put it in a crock and get a batch going, but I wonder if it will only work with white wine? or can I add red too? I’ve read various accounts online and some say you can mix them, and some say not to…

Let the Mother jokes begin.

I’m going to put my mother in a crock with some wine and leave her there in the dark for a few weeks.

to be continued…