Aluminum Beauty

look at that great style!
Look at that style!

This is a great aluminum egg beater Pat’d April 20, 1920.

It is marked “Aluminum Beauty” “Ullman Aluminum Division Inc. Long Island City, N.Y. U.S.A.”


3 thoughts on “Aluminum Beauty

  1. I love the style of the Aluminum Beauty. Coincidentally, one of the most elegant eggbeaters ever made, the S.& S. (sanitary and scientific) Hutchinson was also made in Long Island City.

  2. This comment is for harrythebrooklynkitchen i also have the identical aluminum egg beater, but mine is labled Instant Whip Aluminum Beater also Pat’d April 20,1920 no company name just made in U.S.A. but on the inside surface of the handle on the top there is what i would call a trade mark sort of like an infinity but like a retarded one the loop on one end is way bigger than the other very small loop and has extra loop inside of big loop paralellingthe outer loop and under that trade mark the no. 71

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