A store favorite, these treats could only be described (upon Harry’s first bite) using four-letter words. Tsk tsk!

Have you ever bugged someone forever and ever and ever for a recipe, convinced it came from some magical place that required slight of hand, specialty skill and a secret password to get it right?  You can imagine my surprise when my mother finally came clean with her macaroon recipe.  Apparently, it was part of a pre-school project from when I was a wee tot… like, four years old.  The idea was to make a recipe that a four-year old could handle- hence the number of ingredients and a consistency comparable to Elmer’s glue.  Yet, despite the over-simplicity and the sticky mess you’ll make, my mother found it worthy to hold on to 20-some years later and rightfully so.

The “grown-up” details- like baking on the top rack and using parchment paper seem minor but make all the difference.

Lila’s Super Secret Macaroons
Yield: A lot. Depending how big you make them, about 50.


1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 14-oz bag good quality shredded sweetened coconut
1 tsp. each almond and vanilla extracts
pinch o’ salt


1. pre-heat oven to 325 F.
2. thoroughly combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl with a wooden spoon.
3. using wet hands, roll teaspoon size balls onto a parchment (or silpat) lined baking sheet. you’ll have to rinse and re-wet your hands as the batter will begin to stick to your hands.  bake on the top rack for 20 minutes or until golden brown. allow to cool completely before removing from the cookie sheet.

popcorn recipe coming soon.  maybe.


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