OK, rulez rule.

I have been told that I need to further breakitdown. Here we go:

  • All dishes arrive ready to serve. There will be no heat source, sterno or otherwise.
  • All entries must be able to serve the 3 judges, and as always, bring more to increase your chances of popular vote
  • All entries must include the brick: the instant ramen noodle block that comes in most 25 cent packages of Top Ramen (Made in USA!) or equivalent.
  • There is no requirement for the seasoning packet, you can employ it or not
  • This is not a soup competition: all dishes of varying viscosity will be allowed. Thinking dessert, my ramen-loving burnout friends? Bring it, i want to taste your stoner ramen pie.
  • Party begins at 7, judging begins at 8. Popular vote will be determined using whatever crazy-ass method we come up with at 9ish.
  • There will be prizes.
  • UPDATE! please bring a copy of your recipe, so that we may feature it (credited, of course) on our blog!