It’s finally up!  My interview and recipe for my Sweet Corn Ice Cream was finally posted in three parts on Erin Patinkin’s blog, NYCookery.  I admit, the recipe is certainly a labor of love.  With all the pureeing, the straining through a sieve, and the waiting, etc, it’s not a quick recipe.  But when you try it you’ll understand why I’m in love with it.  And don’t forget the sea salt on top at the end.  That’s probably the most important part, it goes so well with the sweetness of the ice cream.  And, c’mon, it makes sense.  Salt on corn is awesome.  But then again, salt on just about anything is pretty awesome.  Give the recipe a shot and let me know what you think.  And if you have any questions or need any help, you know where to find me (at The Brooklyn Kitchen).  Oh, and also check out Steve DeAngelis’s, interview as well.  It’s right before mine.  Some of you may recognize him as the instructor for our jam classes and our soon-to-come pasta classes!  Thanks again, Erin!

What To Do With All That Corn, Part I

What To Do With All That Corn, Part II

What To Do WIth All That Corn, The Recipe