Some of our supplier friends:

We’re very lucky here in NY to have access to so many great farmers and suppliers, these are some of our friends.

Hearty Roots Farm, in Tivoli, NY grows some of the greatest vegetables in the Northeast.

And they deliver them to us via our CSA every Saturday. It always makes me worried when I know the harvest season is ending and I have to think about actually going to the market to get veggies.

Next door to Hearty Roots is Awesome Farm. They raise protein. This year they raised Chickens, Lamb, and turkeys. Next year they are adding Goose! Their chickens were available through the CSA and lived up to the name. I even got to help with a slaughter.

Awesome and Hearty Roots were in the NY Times recently.

Consider Bardwell Farm from Pawlet, VT makes great cheese and sells at the Greenmarket @ McCarren park in Greenpoint every saturday. We love the Mettowee, get it soon since the season for it is almost over.

Fleisher’s Grass-fed and Organic meats in Kingston, NY supplies our butchering classes, and is now delivering to NYC. If you want to get some of their great quality meat check it out.


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