Last night I drove to Tivoli NY to visit Awesome Farm. They supply the chicken share that we get through our CSA with Hearty Roots.

I arrived about 6:30pm and KayCee gave me a little tour of the operation. I saw the laying hens (and the roosters) some meat birds (that will be slaughtered later in the week- this is the end of the season for meat birds, more next year) Turkeys (who should be nice and plump in November) and the sheep. Oh and the Donkey who roams with the sheep to keep coyotes away.

I helped Owen and KayCee move some fencing for the sheep and then they headed home for the night, and I drove out into the field to sleep under the stars as it were (clouds and drizzle actually).

Reading Barbara Kingsolver by flashlight in the middle of a farm seemed somehow right, but also a little contrived. Instead I read the 1892 book Cocoa: All About It that I picked up at a yard sale on my way up.

I woke at 5:30am, got my stuff put away and met Owen and KayCee over at the big red barn where the slaughter would take place. I had driven up to help with the slaughter and bring to Brooklyn the 40 chickens ordered by members of the CSA.

There were about 100 to slaughter but I was only able to stay for the first 50 or so. I had people waiting on me back in Brooklyn, so at 10:30 I was on the road, birds on ice, headed for the city.

If anyone is interested in the specifics of getting a living chicken from the farm to the table stop by the store, I’ll be happy to tell you all about it.

Keeping Track of Chickens per hour @ Awesome Farm
Keeping Track of Chickens per hour @ Awesome Farm