Apples: Anything but Pie!!

Hey there cook-off-ers, we are ready to announce our newest brilliant cook-off idea. In the spirit of the season, we are hosting our First Annual Apples: Anything but Pie cooking contest!

Entries can be sweet or savory, baked, fried, raw, or freeze-dried (bring it!). We only have two rules:

1) Must contain apples

2) Must not be Pie

All entries must arrive ready to serve, there will be no heating or cooling available at all. We recommend you bring enough to provide the three judges, and enough to impress lots of people and win the popular vote!!

We are doing this to rise money for the Greenpoint Reform Church’s Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry, so the entry fee is $10. You can sign up by going here. LINK UPDATED!!

As always, it promises to be interesting, if not delicious! Lay tasters always welcome, to help judge the popular prize!

Saturday, September 20, 5:00 PM


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