Mr Eggplant visits Brooklyn!

We met Mr Eggplant at a farmer’s market in Providence, and decided to change his life. We took him to the beach for a little relaxation, before embarking on a whirlwind journey!

Next…Mr Eggplant meets other delicious ingredients and his ultimate demise

We picked up a friend in Connecticut

What goes on in Greenpoint?

Oh boy, Williamsburg!

The best place in Brooklyn

Wait just a second here

Tomorrow’s dinner:

For the Brooklyn Kitchen Staff BBQ, we sacrificed Mr Eggplant and his 18″ zucchini friend to make copious amounts of Ratatouille!


Mr Eggplant and more eggplants, about 2 pounds total, sliced and salted (skin on)

Enormous 18″ zucchini, picked up at the dog kennel where Woody stayed in CT, sliced and salted about 2 pounds

All of the onions lying around the house, plus a couple more, about 1 pound or more

Can of diced tomatoes, 32 oz

6 bell peppers, and even though they looked really good at the Greenpoint Greenmarket, I was not yet anticipating this dish, so we got them at the Met

Garlic, 5 cloves

Bay leaf

Dried savory – leaves from 2 12″ sprigs

Equipment –

After slicing and salting the zukes and plants, I let them leak out some moisture for about 20 minutes while I download the photos for this blog post. Since I had the grill going and all afternoon at my disposal, I started throwing slices on the grill for about 20 minutes at a time to get some smoky flavor. If time were more of a concern, I would have thrown them in a 400 degree oven on a parchment-lined cookie sheet, I think the parchment helps develop a flavorful crust.

Once the zukes and plants started leaking, I sliced the onions and sauteed them until clear, then added garlic, peppers and herbs and cooked it all down for 15 more minutes on low heat. I added the tomatoes and cooked it all together until the juice has boiled off and it’s just awesome. Then I pulled the bay. Always pull the Bay!

I layered the zukes and plants with the awesome tomato mixture, in two different casseroles, one vegan, one with Feta. Here’s the Feta version:

Mr Eggplant meets his timely and delicious end
Mr Eggplant meets his timely and delicious end

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