Cupcake Courier

i don’t know about you but my favorite part of the cupcake is the frosting.  so it always makes me sad when more of the frosting ends up on the side of the cake box than on my cupcake.  it especially upsets me if i spend a ton of time making each cupcake as pretty as possible.  it’s also fairly embarrassing when you get caught licking the frosting from inside the cake box.  but transporting cupcakes has always been challenging, right?  so what’s the solution?  i found the answer.  it’s the new Cupcake Courier.

we just got them into the store and i have to say they’re pretty awesome.  it holds up to 36 cupcakes all neatly stacked into their own little compartments.  there’s plenty of space between layers for frosting.  the trays are removable and fit in most refrigerators.  and you can remove the trays to also carry multitiered cakes!  plus, coming soon in the fall/winter you’ll also be able to purchase inserts for 9″ pies, mini cupcakes, and cookie sheets.  

so i got really excited about the couriers and took one home and decided to make dozens of banana cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting.  yum!  i was able to transport the cupcakes in pristine condition to work.  unfortunately Al and i weren’t able to finish the cupcakes so Al took the courier and brought the rest of them with her to band practice.  then she stole my cupcake courier.  yes, folks, it’s such a great product that your coworkers will pretend to borrow it and never give it back.  it’s just that awesome.  i got a blue one.  which color are you?  also comes in green, yellow, and pink.  it’d be a pretty great item for next year’s annual Cupcake Cook-Off!  

**update:  it also holds a quarter sheet cake!  






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