We often end up with the Head and Trotters from the Pig Butchering Class. Last Friday night after a long soak in some brine, we decided to smoke the trotters in our electric smoker that we keep in the backyard.

We’ve used it a few times, and I wanted to see how it performed with larger wood chips (in this case apple) rather than the hickory sawdust that it came with.

We got it all fired up, and the trotters in about 9pm. I figured about 4 hours and they’d be good to go. Smoking meat is easy. just make sure there’s smoke and leave it alone.

At about 11:30 we hear the sirens, and see the lights. 4 fire engines are outside. We suddenly realize it’s because some schmuck has called 911 about our trotters.

Now, we have firefighters in the family, and I well understand that fire in the city is no joke, but come on, the smoker had been going for hours, and it doesn’t produce much more smoke than a BBQ, at least to the neighbors. I guess the sweet smell of the applewood had them thinking something must be wrong.

We apologized profusely to the 4 firemen in full turn-out gear who came into the backyard to check out the scene.

About 30 minutes later a police car showed up, a little late to the party (I guess they were busy with something else) and when we explained what had happened they asked what time it would be ready. When we said about 8am, they said their shift ended at 10 and they’d be happy to bring a six-pack.