it starts with leftover pork from our butchering classes. it ends in delicious melt-in your mouth food for the folks lucky enough to score a spot for the unfancy food show pre-party.
The beer and chilis were inspired by The New French (522 Hudson St.), where we had dinner the other night.

The rough recipe:

8-12lbs of pork (we prefer farm-raised Berkshire hog)

marinated, for 8-24 hours in:

cider vinegar
toasted cumin (it’s totally worth putting whole cumin in a hot skillet before you use it
dry pasilla and california peppers (stems, seeds and ribs removed)
Chicken, Beef or Veal stock or water.

then slow cooked (225º) overnight in:

tomato juice
more molasses
some honey
a little maple syrup
bay leaf
fresh thyme sprigs
sliced onions
garlic scapes
fennel seed
sliced canned jalapeños
cider vinegar

48oz beer (a 40 of bud that was “fresh” in 2005)
kosher salt
black pepper
and Russian style (with apples and carrots) saurkraut I made last fall and has been in the fridge since

Of course I forgot the camera, so there’s no good pix, but this got added to Tom’s braised pork and was eaten with some McClure’s relish on a roll for a delicious sandwich!