This week, Harry and I demonstrated grilling (mostly Harry) at the McCarren Park Green Market. This week marks the first time I have seen Chuck, from Jersey Tomatoes, who had corn! We grilled up four or five stalks of the fresh sweet local corn: husked, cut into bite-sized 1″ pieces (for sharing), and rolled in oil, salt and pepper and grilled until slightly charred. They went fast, and so did Chuck’s sweet corn supply. As a reward for our hard day of shillin’, Chuck rewarded us with some sweet, sweet corn of our own! 

We soaked the corn in water with the husks on, for an hour or two. Then we grilled it past the point of comfort, past that point where you keep thinking  you should pull em off. They have been soaking for a while, so the wet husks will dry out while the delicious corn gets all slow cooked, and by the time the husks are black and smoking, it’ll be perfect. 

Cut it off and add it to salad if the inlaws are in town, or eat it off the cob if you’re feeling comfy. Either way, it’s fleeting, so enjoy it any way you can.

Thanks, Chuck! See you next week!