Please read that both ways, emphasizing both the ultimate and the penultimate word. The second annual Cupcake Cook-off will be held this Monday night, 6pm, at Union Pool, 484 Union Avenue at Skillman, one block from the store. If it’s nice out, we’ll be in the back garden.

Anyway… down to business! We will be dividing the cupcakes into two categories, and awarding two prizes in each: Plain and Simple vs. Exotic, and Decoration vs. Flavor. Ergo, there will be four primary prizes: Plain and Simple Decoration, Exotic Decoration, Plain and Simple Flavor, and Exotic Flavor.

We will also be awarding a Best in Show, which will be determined by the lay judges in the audience (that means you!). In the other words, the more cupcakes you bring (for the peoples), the better chance you’ll have of winning the popular vote. Hanging chads will be counted by the sugar-addled court of store-appointed judges. See them (plus re-read the rules), by clicking here.