Lamb: Ple-e-e-se Li-i-i-sa I thought you lo-o-o-oved me, lo-o-o-oved me
Marge: Whats Wrong Lisa? Cant get enough lamb chops?
Lisa: I can’t eat this, I can’t eat a poor little lamb.
Homer: Lisa get a hold yourself, that is lamb not a lamb.

Tuesday night, it was “a lamb” being turned into lamb here at the Brooklyn Kitchen by our resident butcher Tom Mylan (from Marlow & Sons/Diner/Bonita here in Williamsburg).  The lamb, which was just under a year old, weighed about 100 pounds, and came from Fleischer’s.  Tom has already done 5 sold out pig butchering demos for us here in the store, and there is another one on May 20th which is also sold out.  The demos run about $75-100 depending on the size of the animal, and you get to take home 6-8 pounds of meat once it’s over.  We don’t have anymore pig or lamb demos scheduled with Tom right now, but we do have a kombucha making class, a knife skills class, and a condiments making class coming up in the next few weeks.  To sign up, just visit our website, and if you want to be the first to hear when we add more pig butchering demos, check back here, and/or sign up to receive our email newsletter.

The “not safe for vegetarians” photos of the lamb demo, after the jump…