So what qualifies as a bodega? Take the following quiz and find out!

Take a look around your local market, does it have the following?

Cat (+1 points)

Organic Milk (-1 points)

Lottery Station (+1 points)

Kombucha (-2 points)

Quarter Water (+1 points)

Plexiglass Partition (+2 points)

Pirate’s Booty (-1 points)

Imported beer ( not Heineken) (-1 points)

Malt liquor (+1 points)

Accepts credit cards (-1 points)

Tabulate your market’s score, and check the results after the jump.

Bodega NYC

-4 to +4 points: This is an authentic bodega and you may proceed. You can spend $20 on ingredients to make a Thanksgiving side dish for 10. Bring the prepared dish, AND A RECEIPT, to the Brooklyn Kitchen First Birthday Party Nov 7 at Union Pool.

below -4 points: You are not in a bodega. You are in Whole Foods. You can try and scrape together ingredients for the $20 limit, but it will barely cover lunch for two, much less a side for 10.

4 points or above: you are in a front. it is likely that there is either a pool hall or a cockfighting ring in the back. If you can play this well, you might stand to make a profit in that back room, but you probably won’t find enough of anything to make a sandwich.

photo credit Paul Kostro paulpablopawel‘s flickr