The Bodega Challenge will be held Wednesday, November 7 at our First Birthday Party at Union Pool. Here are the rules:

1. Sign up at bodega(at)thebrooklynkitchen(dot)com

2. Spending limit $20 (RECEIPT REQUIRED)

2.5. Because of the number of entries, we will be limiting the $20 to INCLUDE ALL PANTRY ITEMS. I couldn’t think of a good way to dictate what got considered pantry items, so that’s it! $20 for everything that is used for the dish, food-wise.

3. Recipe required (to be published on this here blog, with credit)

4. Dish must be edible

4.5. This is NOT a live cooking event, please bring dishes prepared and ready to eat!

5. Dish must be sufficient to serve 10 persons

6. Dish should be some form of Thanksgiving side dish

7. Bodegas will be published here ONE WEEK before the event.

8. You can also make the Brooklyn Kitchen a birthday cake. We are one year old! Anybody who brings a birthday cake will get 10% off for the entire month of November.
UPDATE: commenter is correct, these bodegas will NOT be along the lines of Hana or Sunac. Again, a list of FIVE area bodegas, covering Williamsburg and Greenpoint, will be published here on November 1, 2007.

All are welcome, dish or no dish, entry or no entry. There will be music and food, door prizes and fun. See you there!