So during the great Valentine’s Blizzard of ’07, we made a chicken pot pie in the store, from the Cook’s Illustrated Jan/Feb ’06. The recipe calls for chicken to be browned, rested, roasted, rested, picked, mixed with gravy, and baked in a pastry shell. Perfect for keeping the kitchen warm during snowstorms.

perfect chicken

It’s amazing, actually, the way this came together. If you were wondering exactly how many chicken thighs fit into a 12″ skillet, it’s eight. With not a hair to spare.

The pie crust was amazing: butter, frozen for ten minutes, flour, salt, sour cream and ice water. I used a big old stainless mixing bowl and a wire blender, rather than a Cuisinart. The process was tiring on the old arms, but well worth it, as the dough was perfectly integrated without being overworked. I did roll it out a little thick, though. It didn’t cook all the way through. But it has worked in subsequent recipes (like Tofu Pot Pie, with more spices), rolled thinner.

Finished pie!