No bones, wrap up.

Thanks to everyone who attended the de-boning demo on Sunday night.
I hope it was informative. Please have a look at for a nice piece that Cathy Erway wrote with some great pics!
It was great to have so many attentive faces, but it was hard to address the crowd while performing detail work with a knife.
If you undertake the deboning for the holidays just take it slow and don’t worry if you cut throuugh the skin. Just put a little extra butter on that part and it will crisp right up.
When stuffing the deboned bird you will certainly wish you had 4 or 5 hands, as it is slippery. work with the bird on a towel and then get as much stuffing in as you can before you start trussing. As you get to the end, you can stuff in some more, so that when you flip the bird over, the breasts are plumped up and it looks like it has bones. I guess it’s sort of edible taxidermy.
Remember that the FDA says 180º but that I say heat the bird to 150º and then take it out and let it rest. the temperature should rise to about 160º.
Make sure you check the breast and the thigh. As the breast (if you have a small oven, or a large turkey) will be closer to the heating coil you may need to put foil over the breast while the thigh gets to 150º.
Also remember to clean all your surfaces with a diluted bleach solution to kill any microbes from the bird.
Enjoy Thanksgiving!


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